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The Domino Foundation Dominican Republic (DFDR) is founded on March 29, 2021. During the past years Elvis Tours helped many other charity projects, like the food basket project with the Rotary Club and several school projects. The projects Elvis Tours is doing and the supply donations Elvis Tours receive, is growing. We decided to formalize these activities in an official Foundation.


Our goal is to promote development aid, animal welfare and nature& the environment in the DR .

The financials to do this we will get from donations, handmade products to sell as a souvenir and collaborations with other foundations. All profit will be used for projects accepted by the foundation. The board will not receive any reward for the work they are doing for the foundation.


No financials to show yet, as the foundation started in March 29, 2021.

Our Goal

Our goal is to promote development aid, animal welfare and nature & the environment in the Dominican Republic.

Since march 29, 2021

The Domino Foundation Dominican Republic (DFDR) is founded on March 29, 2021.
DFDR is a recognised NGO (by the Dutch government).



The public school is free in Dominican Republic.
How ever the kids needs a school uniform, sport clothes/shoes and the school supplies.
For USD 100 all necessary clothes and supplies can be bought.
Do you want to contribute and make the difference in the life of a child? Sponsor a child and keep it in school.

School supplies are always needed. Sometimes it is possible to take you to a little school to see how the school system works in Dominican Republic and to hand out your supplies directly to the kids.

Sponsor letter: 


This is Ranciel.
Elvis Tours sponsored him now for 3 years.
Classroom uniform: Pants, shirts, t-shirts, underwear, socks, belt and leather shoes.
Recess uniform: Pants, shirts and sneakers
Backpack and school supplies

Christmas Party

Christmas is a special time of the year. Many children in the Dominican Republic do not receive a present during this time. We try to surprise as many kids as possible with a party and a Christmas gift either by organizing a party or collaborate with others who organized a party.

Rotary Club Puerto Plata

In March 2020 Covid-19 hit the Dominican Republic. In 3 weeks time all hotels were empty and tourism was gone. In a split second thousands and thousands of people got unemployed as there was no work anymore in tourism. This affected not only the employees in the hotels and the tourist activities, but also those who produce the souvenirs, the employees who work in the factories to provide the hotels from food and drinks etc.

Elvis Tours and Rotary Club Puerto Plata started a fundraise to provide food baskets to support families with some basic needs. Over 1000 food baskets were delivered. This collaboration went very well. Partly because so many friends of Elvis Tours supported this fundraise.

Polio raffle

A raffle to collect money to get polio out of the world. Elvis Tours donated 5 tours for 2 persons as prices for the raffle organized by the Rotary Club.

Casa Nazaret

Orphan Home Casa Nazaret houses 14 children from 7 year to teenager, all physically and/or mentally handicapped.
Mother Mercedes is doing an outstanding job, but she totally depends on gifts.

  • Most needed:
  • pampers kids size 6 +7 and adult size M + L
  • pouder milk
  • corn flakes
  • toiletries

Jody sponsored a wheelchair to Casa nazaret. Jody is doing a great job in supporting Haitian children.

Ways to help


Toiletries are very expensive in Dominican Republic. Soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes are always very welcome, just like other toiletries and band-aid (See the wish-list below). If you have some space in your suitcase, you would make people in Dominican Republic very happy with it. But you can also leave behind your used shampoo, shower gel etc. when you go back home.

The public school is free in Dominican Republic. However the kids need to have the school uniform, the sport clothes and sneakers and the school supplies. We collect school supplies year round to provide it to kids in a project before the school year starts.
For USD 100 all necessary clothes, backpack and school supplies can be provided for 1 child.

You can financially adopt a child and pay for the yearly school package.

These are just some examples.


Bianca Storms

Chairman & secretary

Francine Coolen


Jan Riphagen

Board member

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